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Livros recomendados pela ABRATES

Escola de Tradutores (Paulo Rónai)

Author: Paulo Rónai

Escola de Tradutores (School of Translators) by Paulo Rónai 6.ed (rev. & exp.). Rio de Janeiro: Nova Fronteira, 1987 ISBN: 8520910580 Escola de Tradutores is at its fifth (sic) edition and, as was the case with almost all previous editions, it has been enriched with a new chapter. And what a chapter! In it, Paulo Rónai tells us, with his characteristic concision and sobriety, about the most difficult translation job he ever had to do. Difficult not because of linguistic issues, since it was done from Hungarian, which was his native tongue, but because of a profoundly tragic and profoundly human detail, for the first time disclosed in a book. The variety of topics handled here shows the versatility with which Paulo Rónai moves in the world of translation. Whether literary or technical, comparative study of translations of the same text, translation of poetry into or from Portuguese, review of books on the topic, or their theoretical aspects – all this is combined with a very pleasant and fluent style to make reading this book both pleasurable and instructive, since the great teacher, which the author always was, shows in his care of always illustrating his theses with concrete facts and comments. Thus, the reader will find a huge amount of useful information on a number of translation problems and many well-chosen examples. In addition to its intrinsic merits, School of Translators pioneered the discussion of translation problems in Portuguese. Launched for the first time in 1952, it was an immediate success with the public interested in language and translation. Other authors have since then dealt with the subject, but readers have continued to regard this book a classic constantly refreshed. Founder of the Brazilian Translators Association, Paulo Rónai was also a pioneer in the professional organization of translators in Brazil.