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This is the home page of a group consisting mainly of translators working in the areas of human sciences, literature, and arts, in publishing houses or as freelancers. If you are a translator or terminologist in one of these areas, join us, and you will find a welcoming and stimulating environment.


Tradução – Regulamentação

List open to all translators into and from Portuguese to discuss government regulations concerning the translation profession. Messages unrelated to the topic are not permitted.



This is the list of translators of Portuguese. It is oriented toward all translators having Portuguese as one of their languages. TRAD-PRT is a group of professional translators always willing to cooperate with one another at times of dire need, when all other resources have been exhausted, and you think in utter despair: I must seek help from somebody who knows more about this subject than I do. It is a list with a history going back many years, which has been responsible for great friendships, great cooperation, and great events.