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Iara Regina Brazil


Having earned a BA degree from the University of Rio Grande do Sul with a major in Translation (Portuguese <> English), Iara had her first translation published at the age of 21. The book Rethinking the Brain by Rima Shore about neuroscience and development of children’s brains has been a reference work for students of Medicine of the Federal University of Pelotas.

Despite her love for Psychology, Medicine, and Chemistry, cinema has always been Iara’s true passion (after Translation). Encouraged by colleagues already involved in the areas of subtitling, narration, and dubbing, she endeavored to hone her skills via courses offered by UCLA, Los Angeles. During her stay in the US, she acquired skills in Marketing and Project Management, in addition to practical experience, by working with audiovisual translation agencies. In the city of dreams, she pursued hers. During the 10 years since, she has acquired clients on two continents and has already subtitled hundreds of films, TV series e documentaries for the largest Hollywood studios (Warner, Sony, Paramount, Fox, Universal, CBS, and Disney, among others), in addition to training, corporate, and promotional videos.

Iara was born on June 11, 1979. True to being a Geminian, staying in one place is not her cup of tea. She was born in Porto Alegre, but has lived in Florianópolis, São Paulo and Los Angeles, and she cherishes her wonderful memories and experiences of each place. “The world is he translator’s oyster,” as she puts it, and translation runs in her veins.

Iara established her own translation company in 2005. Currently she is a member of ABRATES and ATA.