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The Brazilian Association of Translators and Interpreters – ABRATES – is an association of translation and interpreting professionals, the purpose of which is professional development, interaction and cooperation between translators and interpreters, teachers and students, and the recognition of the profession and of professionals. ABRATES aims at achieving these goals via its Certification Program, courses, events, and dissemination of information.

Why Be a Member?

ABRATES offers its members courses, information on work opportunities, professional programs, and commentaries that help them keep up to date with issues relating to the profession. Members are entitled to discounts in all courses and seminars sponsored by ABRATES and other partner organizations.
Certification by ABRATES is the only program of this type in Brazil which aims at recognizing translators’ professional qualifications, enhancing translators’ value in the marketplace and vis-à-vis their clients, proven in specific exams under strictly controlled conditions.
By joining a Professional Association, translators and interpreters convey to clients and the world their commitment to their profession, together with their colleagues willing to join forces to improve their skills. Translators and interpreters who are members of an Association like ABRATES are stronger and more active, and make themselves heard through their representatives. By joining ABRATES, you will be part of a joint effort to promote the recognition of excellence in translation and of the value of its practitioners.

How Do I Join?

Translators and teachers of translation may join ABRATES as active members. To do so, they must present evidence of professional education or professional experience. Translation students may join as student members. Click on “Join” to download the membership registration form or send an e-mail to