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What is the Translator Certification Program of ABRATES and what is it for? Certification helps translators communicate their qualifications and professionalism to their clients. Their status as Certified Translators confirms that their qualification has been verified by the Brazilian Association of Translators and Interpreters. Certification by a Professional Association is common practice in our profession.

This information may represent an advantage in obtaining jobs and clients and may decisively influence the selection by the client. Professional associations of many countries have programs that recognize and provide evidence of the translator’s qualifications outside the academic environment. These associations include ATA (United States), NAATI (Australia), and CTIC (Canada). Several other countries have no Certification Program for translators, but government programs to grant titles of Public or Sworn translator or interpreter. Argentina, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Mexico, for example, maintain such programs, which means that sworn translators enter the marketplace on a continuing basis. In Brazil, public translators are selected via a competitive selection exam given by the Chamber of Commerce of the State. When was the last selection exam for sworn translators held in your state?

Thus, there is no government program to prove a translator’s professional qualifications in Brazil, except for the infrequent selection exams for public translators. And it is not unreasonable to assume that, if there were one, it would look like ENEM (Secondary Education Exam) or a college admission exam. We don’t believe that this is an appropriate method for selecting qualified professionals (with or without a college degree in translation) who are committed to translation, continue to educate themselves, study, invest, i.e., improve their professional skills. The Certification Program is offered and administered in Brazil by an association of translators and interpreters (ABRATES), via a practical evaluation, in contrast to programs of various countries, which are government-sponsored or aimed at sworn translators or are based only on private courses. Ours is a program designed by translators for translators; this is why it deserves your participation, not to mention the other advantages of certification by ABRATES.

What are the main features of the Certification Program and why is it useful to the professional translator? The ABRATES Translation Certificate is granted to translators upon the approval of a specific test taken by the translator under controlled conditions. The exams are prepared and revised by a Board of Examiners consisting of professionals of recognized competence in various areas. Check the Rules of the Program and the Revision and Approval Criteria available on the ABRATES website. It should also be emphasized that the exams are revised by the Board of Examiners without the translator being identified, and only the names of approved candidates are published. ABRATES is proud of the transparency and seriousness in the administration of its Certification Program. Become familiarized with and participate in the Certification Program!